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How You Can Help

There are a number of events and campaigns, all intended to help the cause of Tibet, each deserving our support. And the more of us who stand up, in as many effective ways as possible, supporting basic freedoms for the Tibetan people, the harder it will be for the Chinese authorities to pretend the world doesn’t care about Tibet.

With World Tibet Day, we urgently need any help you can give. At a minimum, you can simply show up at the closest World Tibet Day celebration near you, and volunteer with set-up, clean up, running a booth. Something much more useful would be your working with a Tibet Association or Tibet Support Group near you, helping to organize and put on a World Tibet Day celebration in early July. Contacting the media would be an enormous contribution by taking advantage of WTD to increase awareness of Tibet issues. You can also help promote the event by helping members of the Tibetan Association to contact artists and performers, thereby attracting more people to the event while also celebrating Tibetan culture. In general, you would contribute greatly by making the WTD event as big as possible, thereby hopefully widening the base of support for the Tibetan cause. Please click here for more specific suggestions.

A host of prominent people have enthusiastically endorsed the event: from members of the Parliament of World Religions and the United Religions Initiative; from the Tibetan community starting with His Holiness and including his Representative to the Americas, Dr. Nawang Rabgyal; from leading university professors including Professor Robert Thurman of Columbia; from Tibetan Support Groups including John Ackerly and Bhuchung Tsering (International Campaign for Tibet), Lhadon Thetong (Students for a Free Tibet); and from spiritual and religious leaders including the Very Reverend James Parks Morton (Dean Emeritus of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, NY), Bishop William Swing, Episcopal Bishop of California, Arun Gandhi of the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, and Deepak Chopra, Author and Lecturer; and with bipartisan support from Congress, including Republican Cong. Benjamin Gilman, NY, Chair, House International Relations Committee and Democratic Cong. Tom Lantos, CA, also a member of the International Relations Committee (and the only holocaust survivor serving in Congress), and Senator Joseph Biden of Maryland.

The Council for World Tibet Day is chaired by Richard Rosenkranz. He was formerly International Media Chair of the Parliament of World Religions and is the founder of the Interfaith Call for Tibet. He the other members of The Council for WTD ask everyone to join in supporting this event who believes strongly in universal human rights as well as in the rights of the Tibetan people to exist, to flourish and to practice their own religion.


Sethu Das
Executive Director,
World Tibet Day,
PO Box: 16674,
Bombay 400 050
Virginia Balseiro
Co-Director of WTD for
South America
Richard Rosenkranz
Founder and former Executive
Director of World Tibet Day